Restaurant "Chez Michèle"

In the small town of Tinghir, the doors of the desert, a surprise awaits you: a gastronomical stage in an elegant and refined establishment, "Chez Michèle". 

You will be able to discover there the true Moroccan kitchen, but also, the great French kitchen, in two completely different rooms, one with the Moroccan discrete charm, the other worthy one of the best French establishments.

The entry

The terrace

The French room

The Moroccan room


The chef carries out his brigade with authority and competence.

He will astonish you by his culinary science and will level you as well in French gastronomical kitchen as in Moroccan traditional kitchen.

Each dish will be prepared for you at the time of your order.

The pastrycook chief will delight the greedy ones with the Moroccan cakes but also the French desserts.